Follow-Up Consultation


Follow-Up Consultation


Finished your package or session but need a little more?  Let's meet again to go over your progress, discuss lab results, re-assess your supplement protocol, and plan the way ahead.

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Here's what this  session includes:

  • I will collect updated information on you and re-assess your clinical picture
  • We meet in-person or virtually for your session: 35 minutes for regular follow-ups and 45 minutes if we have test results to discuss.
  • I will provide you with updated therapeutic dietary guidance
  • I will update your supplement protocol and provide access to professional-line products if needed
  • We will discuss your lab results (if applicable) and/or discuss further testing options
  • I will provide you with all the information/materials needed to implement our new updated plan
  • I will support you in implementing our plan to help you continue improving!  You can email or call with questions any time.