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Fat Loss 50 VIP

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50 days. 7 weeks + 1 day.  Incredible value.

Lose body fat with an evidence-based, supportive, and effective approach from an experienced professional.

  • Program participants lose 1-2 pounds per week on average, or 7-14 pounds over 7 weeks. They also experience:

  • Improved sleep

  • Better digestion

  • Clearer head – less ‘brain fog’

  • Improved skin

  • Enhanced athletic performance

  • Ongoing success – learn a lifestyle that is healthy, sustainable, and that prevents the weight from coming right back

Check out all the amazing features included in this program:

  • Full instructions for getting started, to include shopping and pantry clean-out guides, weekly meal plans, recipes, and checklists

  • Flexibility – choose between the following:

    • Follow meal plans specific to your gender and activity level OR

    • Plan your own food and track your macronutrients (fat, carbs, and protein) OR

    • Follow a combination of meal plans and tracking

  • Individualized – the course includes FOUR groups. I tell you how to pick the right group for your specific needs based on age, gender, and activity level

  • Full meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes for six weeks

  • Over 40 easy, delicious paleo recipes

  • Twice weekly emails to provide support, instruction, and encouragement - implement the secrets from these emails to keep losing as long as you need to!

  • Weekly lessons with hand-outs and worksheets - learn how to apply functional and ancestral principles to real life

  • A tutorial for planning your week 7 – transition to ‘solo’ with support and guidance

  • Community support and motivation – get access to the private Fat Loss 50 Facebook group where I'll post tips and inspiration, and answer your burning questions!

  • Access to an exclusive discounted private consult for ongoing success

  • ZERO risk - get a full refund within the first 10 days, no questions asked.

NEW THIS YEAR – join this VIP version of the course, still 100% virtual!  Get all of the above, PLUS...

  • 'Meet' with me for a weekly 20-minute check-in. I'll answer Q&As, provide additional tips and encouragement, and will troubleshoot your pain points.

  • I'll provide weekly monitoring of your food diary - get feedback on ways that you can improve your accelerate your results!

  • Weekly body composition analysis - send me your stats and I'll report back your updated body composition calcs - a great way to stay motivated!

  • Want to get the best possible results? Toward the middle of the program I'll provide you with an individualized assessment and will provide personalized supplement and testing recommendations to keep you making progress toward your goals.

Check out what these services would cost if you purchased them privately!

  • Six weeks of custom meal plans: $300

  • Consult to determine your nutrition and exercise needs: $139

  • Weekly follow-up tips and resources for 6 weeks and membership in Facebook group online community: $226

  • Weekly virtual 1-hour meeting, Q&A, diary monitoring, and body composition analysis: $667

  • Individualized assessment with supplement and testing recommendations: $95

  • Total: $1,427 or £1170

  • SAVINGS: $1,132 or £927