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The worst thing about IBS for me was the uncertainty. I hated never knowing when I’d have to run and find a toilet. The accidents were the worst. I could handle the pain, but that was obviously a problem as well. Erin’s ‘Recovery From IBS’ course changed everything. The diet I was given by my doctor was completely the opposite of what I needed. With Erin’s help, I’ve completely eliminated my digestive problems!
— Haley, Sacramento, CA
My physician was so pleased when I went to see her. My diabetes has completely reversed and I was taken off my medications. My IBS is almost 100% gone as well. Thank you for your incredible care!
— B.E., age 70
I really cannot thank you enough for all of your guidance and support. You have made such a wonderful difference in my health! I am feeling so much better already. You are extremely knowledgeable and talented. I am so thankful and blessed that I have been able to work with you.
— Kirsten, Roseville, CA
I am 53 years old and have been on a diet since I was 13!   I was extremely over weight for many years and was able to lose the majority of it in my early 30s.  But since then, not much movement. I had reached a stumbling block and was unable to move past it.  That’s until I started working with Erin!!!!  I completed her 30 day Keto challenge and was able to lose  9.2lbs in 30 days!!! Not only did I lose the weight but I felt better and at no time did I feel deprived! Thanks Erin for all your support and tips along the way.  I couldn’t have done it without you!!!
— Karyn, KY, USA
I have several autoimmune diseases and I constantly struggle with my weight. I’ve tried every diet without success. Erin’s plan has been the only plan that has helped me get my weight under control. A lot the symptoms of my disease have also improved. I have more energy. I never feel deprived and I know this is a plan I can continue for the long term.
— J.J., Bury St Edmunds, UK
I am an overweight 57 year old, post-menopausal woman with arthritis. This program is the first one to address properly all the areas I need. It does this in an easy, smart, and healthy way that I can do and trust! I will continue to reach to you and your company for future questions, needs, and advice!
— P.S., Irving, Texas
I would like to start by saying that I am undisciplined when it comes to diets. I have tried a couple of diets in the past but they have not worked for me. I figured that if I worked out enough, it would balance out whatever I ate. But that was not the case for me.

I started this journey at 205 pounds. I felt very sluggish and unhappy with my appearance. Fortunately, I found Erin.

She is absolutely AMAZING! She took down my metrics and built a nutritional plan that was perfect for me. We outlined a goal, in which I am happy to say I exceeded.

I was hoping to lose a total of 10 pounds, however, I ended up shedding 20 pounds in the course of 2 months. It was hard at first, the diet is definitely challenging, but Erin stays engaged with you throughout the process. She understood my motivational triggers and was very encouraging.

Here I am 20 pounds lighter, happier and more confident. It was not a diet, but more of a lifestyle change. Erin is truly amazing and I am looking forward to getting further advice from her on how to lose another 15 pounds.
— Jeff, Suffolk, UK
The Fat loss 40 program is the best!! I am a paleo lifestyle beginner and really loved the program! The shopping list and recipes are well organized and make it easy to follow the meal plan. I really loved the fact that I was not starving myself during the program. As a result I felt much more energetic and could get better results at my Crossfit trainings! I have lost 7 pounds to date and feel great with the results!
— Damaris, El Salvador
My weight has steadily gained over the past two or three years, usually following a pattern. I would put on about half a stone during a holiday or at Christmas and then I would very rarely lose it. I think I have managed to keep it under control because I am so active. Since 2012 I have run three London Marathons, cycled various 100-mile races and about 18 months ago I joined Crossfit. However, I still struggled and over the past year weight loss seemed to be impossible and despite following a fairly healthy diet, the scales only went one way.
I had heard about the paleo diet, but always thought I would struggle with something so (as I saw it) restrictive. What would I replace pasta or rice with? And portion control was always a massive issue with me, I would eat until I felt stuffed, and often continue. Pop me near a bag of crisps and a cheeseboard and things could rapidly get out of hand.
However, I knew I had to regain some kind of control and when Erin offered her Fat Loss 40 plan I was prepared to give anything a go. And to be honest, I wasn’t sure if it would work.
I always give 100%, whenever I can. So I began on January 1st, which was easier than it sounds because we were planning a lazy day and it gave me a chance to read the recipes, get my head around the plan and do some prep.
I found it surprisingly simple, having the meals and shopping all planned out took the thinking out of it, the food was tasty and plentiful - three meals a day plus snacks made it all very filling.
And after seven days I had lost an astonishing 8lbs.
I think my body was sighing in relief that I was treating it nicely for a change!!!
And I suddenly discovered what everyone spoke about when they said that clean eating gave them energy.
After about 10 days I noticed that I wasn’t so tired in the evening, I had bags of energy throughout the day. I would find myself doing housework in the evening, when previously I would slump on the sofa. I stopped having slumps in energy in the afternoon.
I also noticed what happened when I got it wrong, an anniversary meal which included battered squid, left me with mild indigestion and a bloated stomach for about three days.
I feel great, I feel energetic and I am achieving far more with my time, and the weight loss currently stands at 13lbs. I am able to do so much more at Crossfit, at the beginning of week four I got a new PB for front squats, and RXd a WOD which previously I would not have even go close to.
I am really excited to see what the next couple of weeks brings, and my only concern is what happens after 40 days and I go it alone. I am thinking about this more as a change in my eating, not a diet, and it’s one I am determined to continue.
— E.Y., Bury St Edmunds, UK
As a mother of 3 (family of 5), my biggest struggle every day is when my kids get home from school and ask what’s for dinner. I loathe the process of cooking in every way, so thinking about what I’ll be preparing, or at least coming up with what’ll be eaten, almost makes me angry! This meal plan has not only made me feel better physically, but mentally not having to think about the process has seriously been a savior! I’ve always said that if I could just have someone tell me what to eat, and how much of it to eat, I’d be in the best shape of my life! This is EXACTLY what I needed in my life! Bonus is my skeptical (meat and potatoes kind of guy) husband is also loving it and sticking to it!
— Shay Burke, Bury St Edmunds, UK
I love the Fat Loss 40 program! The meals are excellent and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by all of them since I can be a bit of a picky eater. My skin as cleared up, I’ve lost weight, I feel more energetic, and best of all, I’m not “hangry” like I’ve been on other diet plans.
— L.R.
I consider myself a diet expert, having tried so many of them over the years, all with no noticeable success and certainly no long term success. Erin’s program has been a totally different experience for me. Her menus and recipes are delicious and filling, so I haven’t had a time when I’ve felt deprived or hungry. Following her program is retaining me to cook using good, clean food and to be aware of what I’m eating instead of mindlessly grabbing something easy. I’ve lost 5 pounds and 4” around my waist in 3 weeks, and even better, I feel good. I have more energy than I’ve had in years. Eating the Erin way is just magic!
— Tyb, Loomis, California
I really enjoyed how the shopping list was organized by category and amounts already figured. It made shopping and sticking to the plan much easier!
— Jamie
Erin’s program is so easy to follow! The meals are delicious and fulfilling. All the guess-work is taken out, and the plan works! It is also encouraging to see others posting their successes and challenges. Erin is encouraging and motivating. She answers questions and is genuinely happy with accomplishment’s! It’s like having a personal nutritionist! I’ve lost 12 pounds to date, but I’m looking at food differently too and noticing positive changes in my energy level. It’s been wonderful!
— S.D., Yorktown, Virginia
The support from Erin has been second to none. The plan is easy to follow. My relationship with food is now so organised I find time to prep properly and family mealtimes are a breeze.
— Andy, Bury St Edmunds, UK
I have struggled with weight loss all of my life and this is the first program that catered to my individual needs as well as food preferences.

The shopping list as well as the delicious, easy-to-follow recipes made it easy for me. The food portions were generous and I never felt hungry.

Erin’s individualized attention helped to keep me motivated as well as accountable. In 4 weeks I lost 7.4 pounds and have way more energy.

I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle or for weight loss.
— K.S., Kentucky