Nutrition & Functional Medicine Talks

I offer the below talks, and the length can be adjusted for a time window of 60-120 minutes.  I love public speaking, and I always involve the audience in my talk.  I also always offer some exciting freebies! Please get in touch for more details.


Forget the Food Pyramid - learn why 'fat is back', and get specific tips for how to optimize your weight and health with a paleo diet.

If you’re craving improved health, don’t miss this opportunity to hear exactly what kind of diet humans were designed to eat. The idea that you should avoid fat and eat large amounts of grains is out-dated, and has been disproven by scientific evidence.  However, not all dietary fat is created equal, and there are many other details that are important to understand.  If you try to learn it from news headlines, it can be confusing and overwhelming!  In this talk, you’ll learn what specific dietary pattern has been shown to increase longevity, why calorie counting is pointless, why grains and refined sugar are problematic, the health benefits of traditional fats, and how to put it all together with ease.  You’ll get tips for meal planning, eating out, planning a plate, and more.  You’ll even get access to a free 7-day meal plan with recipes!


The Six (Surprising) Pillars of Health - discover the unexpected factors that are holding you back from optimal wellness, and learn how to quickly and easily improve on them. 

There’s no doubt about it – modern societies are experiencing sharply rising rates of chronic diseases – diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune conditions are all on the rise.  Surely diet plays a major role.  However, there are a variety of other environmental factors that also have been shown to negatively impact our health.  These ‘pillars of health’ include sleep, stress, toxins, exercise, and connection.  Imbalances in these areas can set of a cascade of adverse physiological changes.  Often, a chronic health condition originates from imbalances in more than one of these areas.  Fortunately, it is possible to take control of your health by addressing these six ‘pillars’.  In this talk, you’ll learn the specific health problems caused by imbalances in these areas.  You’ll also get lots of tips for how to improve in each area.  You’ll even get access to a free handout that provides you with the helpful resources we discussed.


Integrative & Functional Nutrition 101

Curious what all the buzz is about?  Learn what the next generation of nutrition care has to offer.  Integrative and functional nutrition aims to use a root cause approach to aiding healing from chronic disease.  It is evidence-based, individualized, and patient-centered.  In this talk, I share case studies of clients who have successfully recovered from their conditions with this approach.