Low FODMAP Food Swap Cheat Sheet

low fodmap food swap

You probably already know that a low FODMAP diet greatly improves IBS symptoms. Sounds great, but there’s just one problem… have you actually tried to do it?

Holy moly, those food lists get confusing really quickly. Unfortunately, FODMAPs don’t follow any food paradigm that is already familiar. For example, grapes are 'in', but apples are 'out'. Or, maple syrup is OK but honey isn’t. Dang.

I’ve found that my clients get quickly overwhelmed and even discouraged by gigantic food lists. It seems impossible to memorize them, and who wants to carry a huge list around all the time, anyway?!?

So, I’ve created a quickie cheat sheet – simple swaps that will get you the most ‘bang for your buck’ on a low FODMAP diet. Print or save this table so that you can reference it on the quick. You’ll be on your way to less bloat and pain without all the overwhelm. Good luck!

Low FODMAP Cheat List.png
IBS Flare Fixer Meal Plan.png


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Erin Skinner, MS, RD, IFNCP, CPT