Announcing - Fat Loss 40!


Each year the top New Year’s resolution is – you guessed it – to lose weight.  Unfortunately, most of those resolutions are long-forgotten by Valentine’s Day.   This is no surprise, considering that there is an incredible amount of misinformation about weight loss floating around.  I constantly see misinformation coming from social media, fitness trainers, magazines, and the news. 

Perhaps you’ve tried to lose weight in the past and failed.  Or perhaps you lost a little then re-gained it soon after.  If so, it’s probably because of all the poor advice you’ve heard.  Here are some of the most common mistakes I see when people are trying to lose weight:

  • Eating much less of the same food = hangry = giving up and/or bineging
  • Kicking up the exercise – then eating WAY more calories than were burned
  • Severely slowing metabolism by eating far too few calories
  • Feeding the gut bacteria that contribute to weight gain by consuming artificial sweeteners, flours, and added sugars
  • Eating a pro-inflammatory diet high in refined seed oils, sugar, and grains

If you’ve every fallen into any of these traps, you’re not alone.  I see it all. the. time.  What if this year you could do it differently?  Think of weight loss like fighting a war.  If you were going into battle, wouldn’t you want the best training and equipment to bring with you?  Do it right in 2016 by working with a professional. 

Here’s what to expect:

  • Lose 5-15 lbs in 40 days
  • Better sleep
  • Better digestion
  • Clearer head – less ‘brain fog’
  • Better skin
  • Have the tools to keep losing and feeling better on your own

And here's what you get:

  • A choice of two tracks - get better results with an approach that's best for YOU:
  1. "Tell me what to buy/cook/eat and I'll do it!" Get a weekly shopping list and complete menu that is specific to your gender and activity level.  Includes super-easy and delicious recipes.  This is the best choice if you have some ability to cook and don't like to track your food.
  2. "Give me some guidelines and I'll pick my food."  I will provide you with guidance on what types of food to choose and avoid,  PLUS specific nutrient targets based on your gender and activity level.  You chose what to eat.  Track your intake and targets using an app or website.  This is the best choice if you don't want to cook, want more flexibility, and/or frequently eat out.
  • Access to members-only 'Fat Loss 40' Facebook group - I'll post tips and challenges, plus answer your burning questions!
  • Weekly email with additional tips and encouragement - implement the secrets from these emails to keep losing as long as you need to!
  • ZERO risk - get a full refund within the first 10 days, no questions asked.

Want in?  The program kicks off January 1st and I'm offering an early-bird discount through Thanksgiving!  Head on over here to sign up, or feel free to send me questions.  Looking forward to kicking off 2016 with you!